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The Middle East has traditionally been important for the world economy. The Middle East situation today has an impact on all aspects of life in America and much of the world.

Only by understanding the motivations of the various factions in the Middle East can we hope to understand how to promote peace and national security for Middle Eastern nations, Europe, and the United States.

Jan 24, 2010

A Thought on Terrorism

Terrorism has been part of human societies since the dawn of civilization. There is, however, a prevailing impression in the Western world, that Arab countries as well as Islamic countries are the exporters of global terrorism.

What is terrorism? It is an act of violence that causes the injury or death of unarmed people, or a group of people.

The FBI defines terrorism as “ the unlawful use of violence to intimidate or coerce a government or a civilian population.”

Universal type of terrorist acts, which could be committed by a single person, might be attributed to psychopathology, drug addiction, family feuds, poverty, or even crime of passion. There is however, a second type of terrorism. It is the act of violence committed by an organized “ politically oriented group” with a specific agenda. That specific group usually cannot achieve their objectives through peaceful means.

According to the FBI, “there has been nearly 500 terrorist acts on US soil over the past two decades (1980’s-1990’s) The FBI further states that” these acts have not come from the Middle East at all, but from our own citizens. This is terrorism ‘American Style’.”(Christian Science Monitor, 10/23/2002).

Organized group terrorism was also prevalent in Latin America, Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East. However, the most predominant terrorism on the global stage during the past decade is that of Al Qaeda group. This group has a political agenda in mind and wants to implement it. Bin Laden, himself, publicly declared war against the US in 1996 and1997. According to him it was due to the fact that the US has declared war against Muslim countries. Furthermore, he says, because of the US total support of Israel against the Palestinians.

For terrorist acts to end, the US government’s foreign policy needs to be revised. Above all it should stop interfering in other countries internal affairs, and play an evenhanded role in the Palestinian Israeli conflict. This will be of great benefit to American national interest.

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