Jul 11, 2013

Jul 10, 2013

The Egyptian People's Second Revolution

The June 30 revolution in Egypt reflected the gathering of more than 32 million people who gathered in more than 19 public squares all over Egypt.

The purpose behind such a popular mass protest was to call on President Morsi to resign. However, by the third day, the Egyptian army responded to the demands of people and forced President Morsi to leave his position.

The interesting response in western mass media and in particular the U.S. is that an army coup took place in Egypt, leading to Morsi’s removal. This political conclusion did not come as a surprise. The U.S. government has been pursuing the wrong foreign policy, especially in the Middle East in general and the Arab world in particular since the end of World War II.

It was the U.S. who supported the Muslim Brotherhood, stealing the January 25, 2011, revolution and excluding the young Egyptians from implementing their objectives (bread, freedom, and social justice).

Lobbyists and interest groups have shaped the U.S. foreign policy, which is in conflict with American national interest.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a violent terrorist organization operating under a religious umbrella to hide their political strategy. History reflects that they have assassinated two Egyptian prime ministers and a president, as well as have attempted to assassinate Presidents Nasser and Mubarak.

Despite their violent history, the Egyptian public gave them a chance by electing Morsi as a president with less than 20% of the eligible votes.

Since he assumed office, President Morsi totally ignored all the promises he made prior to his election. Instead, he violated the constitution and began a process of Islamization of all governmental institutions instead of focusing on the deteriorating economy, the increasing unemployment and poverty, the shortages of energy and the increasing cost of living. In the mean time, the American ambassador Anne Patterson was communicating on a regular basis with the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially K. Al-Shater and M. Badie and defending their policy.

For all of these reasons and others, the Egyptian people revolted against Morsi and his criminal Muslim Brotherhood gangs and pressured the Egyptian army to remove him from office.

Let me emphasize that what happened in Egypt was a people’s revolt and not a military coup.

Let the American government proceed with their wrong policy and hope they stop their foreign aid to Egypt. Egypt can do without it and at least they will regain their dignity, which is more important than U.S. aid to the majority of the Egyptian population.