Nov 3, 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood Student Destructive Behavior

Since the beginning of the academic year at Egyptian universities, the Muslim Brotherhood protest movements on various campuses nationwide left a very clear picture of their destructive behavior. This destruction, especially at Al-Azhar University, confirms the public view that the Muslim Brotherhood’s political fascist ideology is based on violence as a means to achieve their political goaltotal control of society under the Muslim Brotherhood’s interpretation of Islam.

The violent acts, including the assassination of heads of state and attempts of assassination during the past 85 years, reflect the Muslim Brotherhood’s authoritarian, fascist ideology.

The young students who are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood get orders from their superior leaders to commit such destructive acts, instead of encouraging them to pursue their learning.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s members pretend that they are true Muslim believers. The first word in the Quran is “read,” which means followers must pursue knowledge, not destruction. The students who caused such a wide range of destruction at Al-Azhar University are not the pursuers of knowledge. They are purely a group of hoodlums and active terrorist individuals whose main objective is to close universities all over Egypt.

Frankly speaking, the transitional government of Egypt has been indirectly passive with these students from day one, while the students’ protests have not been passive at all. The Egyptian security should have put an end to this from the beginning, as the vast majority of Egyptian students are against such protests by the minority of students who are manipulated by their corrupt Muslim Brotherhood leadership. The transitional government has been concerned about its image abroad more than the safety of its academic institutions.

The Muslim Brotherhood, who have been outlawed by Egyptian authority since the 1950s, are a serious liability to any society and should not be permitted to operate under any circumstances.