Feb 25, 2012

Egyptian Criminal Court

The recent investigation of 43 Egyptians and foreigners by the justice department due to their violation of Egyptian law, are not permitted to leave Egypt. Their case has been turned to the criminal court for prosecution.

Nineteen of the accused are Americans. According to published accounts, foreign organizations financial spending during the last few months, have exceeded $ 450 million. It’s of interest to notice that the three Americans organizations, who have been operating in Egypt between 2006-2010 without permit, have spend the equivalent of $60 million dollars. Their spending tripled during the first 6 months after the 25th of January revolution. Based on the confiscated records of these American organizations, their spending during that short period exceeded 175 million dollars, this equal to more than one billion Egyptian pounds. The Egyptian government wants to know who are the recipients of the money.

The Al-Ahram newspaper reported (Feb. 18-2012) that the American organizations has distributed 1.2 billion Egyptian pound to 68 Egyptian organizations. 31 Egyptian organizations out of the 68 are operating without government permit. These organizations have received 511 million Egyptian pounds during 2011.

An interesting question raised by the foreign press is “ why didn’t the Egyptian government stop the activities of the accused American organizations since they have been operating in Egypt beginning 2006?

The answer is simply due to the fact that the deposed Mubarak, during the past decades, has never questioned any of the American government foreign strategy irrespective of their negative impact on Egypt.

During that period Egypt has been marginalized and has lost its leading political role in the middle east in general specifically in the Arab world.

The US government, in return, has constantly supported the ruthless and authoritarian dictatorship regime of Mubarak because he convinced them of his power in suppressing political Islam. Such movement as being the worst enemy of the west and in particular of Israel.

The deposed Mubarak went out of his way, during the last decades to appease the Zionist state whose influence on American foreign policy is immense.

Furthermore, Israeli support was needed to transfer Mubarak’s position to his son Jamal.

Nevertheless, the transitional Egyptian government, which assumed power after the January 25th, 2012, and the recently elected Egyptian parliament, has established new strategies for Egypt.

No longer Egypt will be under the influence of any foreign power, especially the US who played a very influential role in shaping Egypt foreign policy during the past four decades.

Egypt security and national interest is considered top priority.

Among some of the information that were confiscated in the offices of the three Americans organizations were maps dividing Egypt into four states: Sinai and the eastern delta region which will be part of the future Zionist state, the second state extend from southern Asyut to Alexandria which was designated to be under Christian influence. The third, a Nubian state, and fourth, which is, referred to as the barber state and Cairo its capital (Al-Ahram new. Feb. 10-2012)

The records, which were confiscated, revealed that the Maps that were used were made in Israel. The Evidence reflects that the German organization “Konrad Adenauer “ who is operating in Israel was the producer of the Egyptian maps, which was found in their Egyptian offices. ( Al Ahram Feb. 19.2012 )

Furthermore, the confiscated information revealed that the American freedom house began to foment sectarianism by discussing discrimination against the Christian Copts and Nubian, as minorities. (Al- Ahram news. Feb. 16-2012 )

The US government made it public that it received an official document of 24 pages reflecting the official Egyptian accusation concerning 19 Americans who are in violation of Egyptian law. The date has been set by the Egyptian court for the trial of the accused for February 26, 2012.

The information revealed did not come as a surprise, because the history of western powers in the middle east region in general and the Arab world in particular has been based on the concept of “ divide and rule”. This is also reflected in the Zionist ideology,”Eretz Israel”, greater Israel, which stretched from the Nile River west to the Euphrate and Tigress rivers to the east.

What the Egyptian government is doing is to send a signal to foreign government in particular the US to stop interfering in the internal affairs of their own society.

Egypt is no different from any other country especially the US who will not tolerate foreign interferences in their internal affairs which their law prohibit that.

Unfortunately, the US government for many decades has been using different private organizations that have been operating under false pretense- promoting democracy and human rights. No country around the glob has escaped the American interference in their internal affairs of these states to promote their secret agenda. The history of the US revealed that in some states the freely and democratically elected governments have been destabilized and replaced by military coup in favor of the US. The mighty American dollars, has been used to influence the internal political affairs of many sovereign nations around the globe.

The reaction of the Egyptian government to the interference of the three American organizations in the internal political affairs of Egypt which was in violation of the law is an understandable action.

Would the US permit any foreign power to interfere in its internal affairs?

As an American I will say hell “NO”. Meddling in the internal political affairs of any state by outsiders is in violation of the basic principle of democracy and human rights.

It should be noted that some members of the American Congress, especially those strong supporter of Israel have threaten to cut American Foreign Aid to Egypt, unless the 19 Americans are released.

The Egyptian public reaction to the American threats of cutting the foreign aids has been hard and clear: We do not want the American aid.

Among the major respondent to reject the American aid was a statement made by Dr. Ahmed al Tayeb- the rector of Al-Azhar who called for the creation of a fund which he labeled as “Dignity and National Pride” to raise 500 billion Egyptian pound as a substitute to American foreign aids.

The public should be aware, that American aids to Egypt were part of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, which was signed in 1979. Israel was the major winner in that agreement, which at that time it, received nearly 5 billion dollars per year while Egypt received around 2.5 billion dollars per year in military and economic aid.

Relation between Egypt and the US should continue, however, it should be based on equality, respect and no interference in Egyptian internal affairs.