Jul 28, 2017

International Ranking of Basic Education in Egypt

Recently the International Economic Council evaluated the quality of basic education in 138 contires as of 2016,
Egypt ranked 134 out of the 138 countries. Such low ranking reveals that the Egyptian government is not considering basic education as number one priority, despite of the fact that more than one third of the 94 million Egyptians are classified as illiterates.
There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem. The two major factors are:
1. Not enough money is allocated to the educational budget to build more schools to meet the need of the high population increase. Egypt adds 2.6 million people to its population per year. The government allocates more money for energy subsidies than for education and health care.
2. There are not enough schools and class rooms to accommodate the influx of young students who have reached school age.
Recently, the minister of education stated publicly that the government needs to build 100,000 new classrooms.The number of students per class in the majority of public schools exceeds 170 students.
This, of course, is a major factor that contributes to the poor quality of education.
In any country, the dynamo of economic growth, depends on the quality of education and academic research.
I am of the opinion that the Egyptian government should rank education as  number one priority.