Oct 1, 2017

The 2017 Census Report

During the last week of September 2017, the Census Department began releasing the result of the 2017 census survey.
Abu Bakr el Guindi, director of the Census Department, stated that the population increase in Egypt is the most dangerous threat society is facing.
At present, Egypt population exceeds 104.2 million people, close to 10 million are living outside of Egypt.
Egypt’s rate of population growth is 2.5% per year. This requires 7.5% economic growth to maintain economic stability.
The average number of children per family is 3.5. The number of people under the age of 15 is 34.2% of the total population, and those of the age between 15-35 is equal to 34.5%. This reflects that more than two third of Egypt’s population is under 35 years of age. This classify the Egyptian society as a youthful one. The number of people who get married under the age of 18 is 18.3.
This reflects that the government is ignoring the crime committed by public officials, and the religious authority. For instance, unfortunately the ma’zoun certifies the marriage contract of people under the age of 18 with the father’s consent.
Recently a mother reported the marriage of her 12 years old daughter in mithabib village, in el gharbiya governorate.
The investigation by the government authority of that specific case revealed that the mosque’s Imam of the village conducted 27 illegal marriages in this village in violation of the marriage law that specifies girls should not be married before the age of 18.
There are 4618 government certified ma’zun in Egypt, and many of them violate the marriage law in Egypt. Such violation contributes to the population increase. Furthermore, it affects the life of many young girls negatively.
Egypt need a new a stern criminal law that punishes those who performs such marriages. They should be committed to prison for life. Moreover, there should be a reward for those who inform the government of such marriage violations.