Feb 19, 2017

Israel and American Foreign Poilcy

During the past week, the media began to speculate the outcome of the meeting between President Trump and Mr. Netanyahu regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The discussion focused on the issue of one or two states solution.

In my opinion, the President provided some suggestions, but Netanyahu smiled and will continue his aggressive annexations of Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank.  Such policy has been in violation of U.N. Resolutions and International Law.  Prior to the creation of the Israeli State the first Israeli prime minister, Mr. Ben Gorion in a public speech to the Jewish Zionist Community stated that; they should accept whatever the U.N. will give them, it will be the first stage of the implementation of “Eretz Israel” which means greater Israel. 

Since 1948, the Israeli government began to implement that policy.  Such aggression is reflected in the following:
1. Israel, has demolished more than 600 Palestinian villages
 2. Israel, demolished thousands of homes in the occupied West Bank since the 1967 war,  3. Israeli government built more than 350 Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, where more than 450,000 Jewish Settlers are living.
 4. Hundreds of homes were demolished in East Jerusalem which led to more than 222,000 Jewish settlers living in East Jerusalem.
 5. Israel annexed more than half the Palestinians lands. Such aggressions are an act of violation which the Israeli government committed since 1948, and is in total violation of the U.N. Resolutions and International law. 

This type of political conflict took place with the direct and indirect support of the American Government.  The U.S. used its veto power at the U.N. security council more than 50 times to prevent the passages of any resolutions against Israel.  It is of interest to notice that only in the last two weeks of his presidency, President Obama allowed the passage of one resolution condemning Israel for its aggression in the West bank. 
 He instructed the U.S. representative not to veto a resolution that was supported by a majority of the member in the U.N. security council condemning Israeli violation of increasing settlements in the occupied lands. 

American Foreign Policy especially in the Middle East, since 1948, has been a major contributing fact to the rise of International