Dec 23, 2017

Unite Nation’s Rebuke: President Trump Political Blunder

Recently, President Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that the US Embassy will be relocated in it.
Such political decision is in violation of all UN resolution and of International Law.
Jerusalem and the West Bank were illegally occupied during the 1967 war.
The occupation was condemned by the UN. It instructed Israel to retreat to the 1967 boundaries as stated by the UN Resolution 242.
Israel has and is ignoring such instruction. It has been and is always supported by the US government who used 44 vetoes to prevent the implementation of Resolution 242 which condemn Israel.
On December 12, 2017, Egypt introduced a resolution at the UN Security council rejecting President’s Trump political order. All member of the Council voted in support of the Egyptian Resolution. However, the US representative used its veto to prevent its passage.
The same Egyptian Resolution was then taken to the UN General Assembly on December 20, 2017.  It was supported by 128 UN member. However, the US voted against it.
Since the creation of the State of Israel by President Truman in 1948, American foreign policy toward the Arab World has been the source of political instability, which led to the rise of terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS.
The American irrational and aggressive political strategy is the result of corruption that dominates American political institutions.
 H. Reid, the previous majority leader in the Senate stated that the Congress is corrupt. He further said that members of Congress who put their own personal interest ahead of the national interest should not be in the Congress.
Senator Reid was right. Unfortunately, such political behavior of the majority of the members of Congress has been the same since WW II.
One of the major factor contribution to the American political corruption is due to the role of the lobbyists in the nation capital. It represents political and economic groups in the US.
Financial contributions to politicians through Lobbyists plays a major role in influencing foreign and national policy.
I is a well-known fact that AIPAC the American Israeli Public Affairs is the most influential and strongest political committee in the US.
AIPAC influences and shape the American foreign policy toward Israel and the whole Middle East. Its motto is ‘WHAT ISRAEL WANTS, ISRAEL GETS.’
Unite Nation’s Rebuke: President Trump Political Blunder
Unite Nation’s Rebuke: President Trump Political Blunder
There is a saying by Herodotus known to Egyptians that the Nile is the gift to Egypt.
Without the Nile, Egypt cannot survive.
Dr. Noor el Din, an Egyptian water expert pointed out that Egypt need at least 93,000 cu.m  of water per year. The water available to Egypt presently is 62,000 cu.m. to use per year ( Sada el Watan, 11/14/2017).
During the past three years, the water ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt met to discuss issues related to the constructions of the Al Nahd Dam in Ethiopia and its impact on Sudan and Egypt.
They discussed the technicality of such project and its impact on the countries involved. Actually, the French company that is conducting a research on the impact of the Dam on the different countries, asked for clarification about the 1959 International Agreement that guarantee Egypt 55,000 cu.m. of water per year, and if it should continue to conduct such research or stop it.
Both Ethiopia and the Sudan water ministers said it should not include the International Agreement in their research! While Egypt’s minister insisted such research should be maintained and the International Agreement should be included.
There was no consensus and the meeting ended with no decision taken.
The policy among the three countries involved has been influenced by an outside force and secret polical agreements.
For example, the Ethiopian government offered free electrical power generated by the Dam to the Sudanese government in return for their support for the construction of the Dam.
It is known that the Sudanese president is member of the Muslim Brotherhood and does not support the Egyptian government.
Qatari government has been playing a negative role towards Egypt, along with Sudan and Ethiopia.
Furthermore, prince Tamim’s mother Sheikha Moza visited Sudan to support its president granted him one billion dollars to promote tourism in Sudan. She publicly stated that there are more historical antiquities in Sudan than in Egypt!!!
The Ethiopian prime minister was in Qatar recently to request a financial loan to continue the construction of the Dam. The loan was granted.
The technical and political consequences of the Dam’s construction is getting to be quite complicated.
The Egyptian government is in a strong legal position based on international law.
The issue should be taken to the International Court of Justice. Meanwhile, Ethiopia continues the building of the Al Nahda Dam and may be Egypt will have to face reality and  accept what the Ethiopian government proposes.

Dec 6, 2017

The US Corrupt Political System

On December 6, 2017 President trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Such a political policy is in violation of all United Nations Resolutions and International Law.
Prior to Trump declaration many world political leaders from Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China and Pope Francis as well opposed such a policy. They maintained that such policy should be part of an Israeli-Palestinians final political settlement.
President Trump in his statement said that he is fulfilling his campaign promise.
Such policy is not new in the political American arena. President Truman made a similar statement when he was campaigning for the white house in 1947 despite the opposition of his advisers who told him that the creation of the State of Israel will be against the national interest of the US.
President Truman pointed out that he needed the Jewish votes in three states: New York, Pennsylvania and California.
Israel was created by President Truman in 1948. Since then, the US government constantly supported Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians.
Israel occupied the rest of Palestine during the 1967 war. More than 350 Jewish settlements were built in the West Bank where more than 500,000 Israeli settlers are living. The US has constantly vetoed any resolution condemning Israeli violations of the UN Resolutions at the Security Council..
Since the end of World War II, the US foreign policy regarding the ME contributed to the rise of international terrorist organizations, such as al Qaeda and ISIS.
The American political system is totally corrupted. Few years ago, the Democratic Majority Leader, H. Reid stated publicly that the American Congress is totally corrupt. He further added that members of congress who put their own interest ahead of US national interest should not be in Congress.
Pressure groups such as AIPAC and others play an influential role through the lobbyists who contributed money during the elections. In return, the elected politicians implement their promises to the lobbyists. This is what President Trump pointed out publically that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel and by doing so today, he is fulfilling his promise to those who voted for him, American Jews and the Evangelical.