Jul 13, 2014

Recent Israeli Attack on Gaza

The recent violent attacks that took place between the Israeli government and Hamas in Gaza during the past week led to the followings:
1.   The launching of more than1, 300 air strikes by the Israelis since the offense began. A of 7/12/2014 more than 165 Palestinians died and over 1000 were injured. In addition the Israelis destroyed 200 homes and some public buildings, including mosques and hospitals.
2.   The launching by 800 rockets by Hamas. However, there were no fatalities reported by the Israeli government.

The Israelis forces destructive attacks are not the first and will not be the last one. Meanwhile World organizations have issued orders to both sides to stop the attacks. The feuding parties have not taking the orders into consideration and the fight is still going on.

The Egyptian government tried to negotiate a cease-fire between both sides, but there was no response from either side.

The Rafah border between Egypt and Gaza was opened to allow the wounded Palestinians to be treated in Egyptian hospitals. Furthermore, the Egyptian government sent 550 tons of needed medications, and food to help those who are in urgent needs. and the Egyptian Prime Minister stated publicly that the government and the people are condemning the Israeli’s savagely attacks on Gaza.

It is unfortunate that the people of Gaza are being massacred while their leader; Khalid Ma’shal is staying in a luxurious hotel in Qatar and attacking the Egyptian government for not fulfilling its obligation toward the Palestinians!!  I would like  to address the corrupt leader Khalid Mish ‘al  that since 1948 the Egyptians have paid a heavy price, in blood and money to support the Palestinians people, more than any other Arab states.  
Mish’al who considers himself a revolutionary leader of Hamas should be in Gaza with his people rather than in a five star hotel in Qatar feasting on Ramadan food, with other Hamas leaders.
Mercy on the Palestinian people who have such corrupt leadership.