Sep 2, 2013

The Destruction of the So-Called Peaceful Demonstration

President Morsi was removed from office July 3, 2013, as a result of more than 32 million Egyptian people calling for his resignation, as well as a petition with 22 million signatures, due to his incompetency and abuse of power. Since then, the Muslim Brotherhood and other supporters have failed to accept this and called on their supporters to protest and demand the return of Dr. Morsi to his position.

From day one and during the weeks following Morsi’s removal, his supporters were not peaceful at all. More than a dozen murders were committed in Raba al Adawiyah and Nahda Squares. In addition to massive public and private property destruction, the Egyptian government announced publicly that the repairs that started in Raba al-Adawiyah would cost 85 million Egyptian pounds, el Orman garden 50 million Egyptian pounds and al Nahda square would cost 258 million pounds. Furthermore, government assessment of the destruction caused by the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in all Egyptian governates was estimated at more than 500 million Egyptian pounds

The Egyptian government should confiscate and freeze Muslim Brotherhood wealth and let them pay for the cost of the destruction they committed.