Aug 31, 2013

Obama – the Nobel Peace Prize!

President Barack Obama, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize because of his opposition to the invasion of Iraq, is reversing his political role. He is now acting as an advocate for punishing President Bashar al-Assad of Syria for using poisonous chemical gas against his people.

The use of such weapons, regardless of who uses them, should be condemned by the whole world.

The irony of American politics and the tactics used by its politicians, especially its presidents, is that a link is always made between international issues and American national interest or national security. This is the rationale George W. Bush used to mislead the American public to justify his invasion of Iraq in 2003. Bush was a liar from the beginning and his policy did not accomplish anything except the destruction of Iraq.

It seems to me that President Obama is acting in a similar fashion regarding his policy towards Syria. The Syrian issue should be left to the U.N. General Assembly to deal with, not the U.N. Security Council. The five permanent members have abused their veto power and have paralyzed the Security Council.

The U.S. government should stop playing policeman of the world under the pretext of U.S. national security or national interest. This is an outdated colonialist concept and people around the globe are now more aware of the truth and cannot be easily mislead. The majority of people in the U.S, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy are against U.S. interference in Syrian national affairs, according to the press.

President Obama, you are not a peace advocate and you don’t deserve the Nobel Prize for it.

Aug 18, 2013

What Is Happening in Egypt Now?

In an interview with Mr. W. al-Ibrashi (Dream Channel) two years ago, Dr. M. Badie, the supreme leader (al-Murshid) of the Muslim Brotherhood stated publicly that he is totally against any Muslim Brotherhood members and even other Islamic groups running for political office, because he thinks it will be dangerous for Egypt.

Al-Murshid’s prophecy turned out to be true. The puzzling question that needs to be answered is why Dr. Badie permitted his members to run for the parliament, the Magliss al-Shura and the presidential office?

Since its creation in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood’s main objective and political strategy was to take over the Egyptian government regardless of the cost. Their violent political activities during the past eight decades reflects their intentions and strategy.

The January 25, 2011 revolution opened the door for them, despite the fact that they were not the ones who initiated the massive protests. To put it simply, they have stolen the revolution from the younger Egyptian generation who sacrificed their blood for its success.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s success in assuming political control was facilitated by General Tantawi, defense minister and chief of the Egyptian military forces. Furthermore, the United States government signaled General Tantawi to facilitate the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of the Egyptian government. This is attributed to a secret agreement that started during 2003 with the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood to implement the American political demand when they assume political control of the Egyptian government.

The U.S. foreign policy regarding the Middle East is reflected as “the map of the greater Middle East region.” It’s main objective is the protection of Israel and maintaining its economic and military dominance of the region.

For that reason and others, the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from the Egyptian government reflects the kiss of death for the U.S. Middle East strategy. Furthermore, the termination of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political influence in Egypt will also negatively impact other Islamic organizations in the region. For that reason, the Turkish government—which is headed by an Islamic organization—is panicking and asking the U.N. Security Council to interfere and stop the removal of Morsi from his position.

Nevertheless, the Muslim Brotherhood protest movement, which has been going on since the removal of Morsi from power on July 3, 2013, reflects their kiss of death. The violent terrorist activities they have been conducting against the Egyptian people, as well as their economic, social and political institutions, reflects their failed political strategy. This is revealed in the following evidence:

1.     The Ministry of Health reported the deaths of more than 578 people and the injuries of more than 4,201 others as of August 17, 2013. Among the dead, 57 security men and 553 other police injuries. More than 1,500 terrorist suspects carrying weapons were arrested.
2.     The burning of more than 21 churches all over Egypt.
3.     The burning of government buildings such as the Ministry of Treasury and an attempt on the Central Bank. More than 25 police and security buildings were attacked and burned, in addition to other private property that was also destroyed.
4.     Blocking traffic routes and preventing people from reaching their workplaces or returning to their homes.
5.     Pouring used car oil on intersections and bridges, causing drivers to lose control of their cars, leading to death and destruction.
6.     The security forces presented photos and videos of snipers on top of buildings and bridges, shooting at homes and passersby.
7.     The supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood firing RBJ missiles at security places. It was reported that more than 1,200 suspects were armed with weapons. Some of those terrorists who were arrested by Egyptian security revealed that they are foreign citizens from Afghanistan Palestine and Syria. They were recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood to help in the destruction of Egypt.

Such types of terrorist activities were and still are part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political strategy. The irony of history reflects the double standards the west follows. For the last few decades, western governments (especially the U.S.) have been condemning Islamic terrorism. Now, they are taking the opposite stand by ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism against their own people and criticizing the Egyptian army for their supposed military coup, despite the fact that there was no military coup. The Egyptian army stepped in after more than 32 million Egyptians protested on June 30, 2013, demanding the removal of Morsi from office. The army responded to prevent a civil war from taking place in Egypt. In addition to the Egyptian protestors demands, the Tamaroud Movement submitted petitions with 22 million signatures demanding the removal of Morsi from office due to violations of Egyptian law.

Such large numbers are almost twice the numbers of votes Morsi received during his election on June 30, 2012.

The western governments (especially the U.S.) should stop interfering in Egypt’s national affairs. A recent PEW survey revealed that ¾ of the American respondents rejected the U.S. government’s interference in Egypt’s national