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Mar 31, 2011

Libyan Revolt

President Barak Obama addressed the nation (3/28/2011) to defend the U.S.’s involvement in the Libyan war. He said that American military forces interfered in the Libyan war as a result of U.N. resolutions (1970 & 1973) to prevent the potential massacre from taking place against unarmed Libyan civilians by the Gadhafi hired killers. President Obama made the right decision based on humanitarian reasons and he should be commended for it.

The tragedy of such a decision is that some members in Congress have manipulated it so they can throw dirt at the president. They are fishing in murky water that will lead them nowhere.

To be honest, if these members of Congress are concerned about the financial cost to the American people, why not call on the president to pull American troops out of Afghanistan, where they have been for nearly ten years. Afghanistan, from a historical point of view, has been a burial ground for foreign troops. Also, the majority of the American Congress were supportive of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, despite the fact that there was no credible evidence that Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the U.S.

President George W. bush misled the nation and started a war by choice that led to the deaths of more than 4500 American soldiers and 1.2 million Iraqi civilians. What did the members of U.S. Congress do about that political deception? Nothing. Bush said, “It’s too bad that we didn’t find W.M.D.” Furthermore, if the member of Congress are concerned about the cost to the taxpayers, what about the cost of the Iraqi war, which has been estimated by some economists to exceed 3 trillion dollars. President Obama stated in his speech that no American troops will land in Libya and that the Iraqi war experience will not be repeated.

Also, President Obama is being criticized by some members of Congress by turning the responsibilities of the no flying zone to NATO command. The public should be aware of the fact that Colonel Gadhafi is a notorious killer. On one day in 1996 he killed 1270 prisoners in a Tripoli jail. He has been known as a supporter of international terrorism. He is a ruthless leader and should be removed from power. 42 years of his ruthless rule is more than enough and no person with even half a brain will justify keeping him in power. President Obama did the right thing.

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