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Dec 19, 2011

The Tragedy of Recent Egyptian Events

The collapse of the relationship between the Egyptian Higher Military Council and the Egyptian public, especially the younger generation who initiated the January 25th revolution, began to take place after what has been happening since October 2011 the killing of young protestors. The latest number of people killed, according to the Ministry of Health, is 16. More than 815 people have been injured as a result of the shootings and beatings committed by the military police and other security agents to try to stop the continuous protests in front of the headquarters of the prime minister’s office and the parliament building.

I have seen the ruthless measures used against the young people, such as when more than five soldiers ruthlessly beat a protestor who was on the ground. I have seen the security police pulling young girls by their hair to be arrested. I have seen the Egyptian security on the roofs of government buildings in civilian clothing throwing stones at protestors below them. These men are the Egyptian securities who are equal to the Syrian shabiHa doing the ugly and dirty task for those who are sitting and watching them from behind the scenes. There is no doubt whatsoever that the top military bosses are behind it. E very time such attacks against the peaceful protestors lead to the killing of innocent people who want better days and an honest government for their society, but who instead are paying a high price. Every time such attacks occur, the Higher Military Council try to use excuses that foreign hands or members of the previous regime are causing it. They call for investigation to see who is behind the killing and each time nothing comes out of it. It is very interesting to hear that the Egyptian security forces went after al-Jazeera crews who filmed the attacks taking place against protestors and confiscated their cameras. It is an act to destroy the identity of the security members who are involved in the crimes committed.

Let me say that the Egyptian Higher Military council that was labeled as the protector of the revolution turned out to be its enemy. After all, those high-ranking generals were part of the previous corrupt regime. As a result of the December 16th massacre, it was reported that eight members of the Magliss al-Shura, whose job was to provide advice to the military council, have resigned. Others are demanding a public apology from the military council to the families who have lost their loved ones as a result of the brutality. The military council, as well as the prime minster, have been saying all along that no force would be used against the protestors who have the right to protest. Why, then, did the military police destroy and burn the protestors’ tents, in Meddan al-Tahrir? The military council has failed to play a just role. They are committing the same brutality used by the Mubarak regime.

Since October 16, three massacres occurred against the protestors. The question that ought to be asked by the members of the Higher Military council is: why are the young people still protesting, despite the fact that free democratic elections have been taking place and will be completed in January 2012? The simple answer is the fact that the army has failed to implement the demands that were set by the protests since February 11th, 2011. The old political parties, secular and religious ones, have stolen the revolution with the help of the military council and have marginalized those who initiated the revolution and have sacrificed more than 1,000 shaheed, which led to the removal of Mubarak’s regime.

The revolution, from the protesters point of view, meant not only the removal of the president and a dozen high political officials, but rather a total change that would have impacted all governmental institutions.

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