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Jan 26, 2012

Joy, Tears, Unfulfilled Objectives

Millions of Egyptians have gathered all over Egypt to celebrate the first anniversary of their revolution. The celebration revived the spirit of January 25th and served as a reminder that the objectives of the protestors have not been completed yet.

The whole world has recognized that the younger Egyptian generation peaceful revolution has led to the removal of the authoritarian and corrupt regime of H. Mubarak. However, the political institutions created by the demoted regime are still operating, and it will take longer time to rebuild and end corruption.

The second major achievement of the revolution so far has been the free democratic election of the new members of parliament. Unfortunately, the elections’ results did not fairly represent all segments of Egyptian society.

Moreover many of the protestors’ demands have not yet been achieved. Such as the followings:

1- Requesting the Egyptian military council to surrender their authority to a civilian one and to end the arrest of civilian protesters, the elimination of military courts, and the release of all political prisoners.

2- Arresting and prosecuting those responsible for the killing of protestors since the beginning of the Revolution.

3- Expediting the trial of Mubarak and other accused officials.

4- Returning the stolen Egyptian money held in foreign financial institutions, and the prosecution of those who were involved in the nation’s wealth theft.

5- Demanding the implementation of social justice such as minimum wage standard, control of the continuously increasing food prices, better health care and solving the problem of unemployment.

6- Appointing experts to create a guide lines for the drafting of the new constitution that will protect the rights of all segments of the Egyptian society.

7- Rapid election of a new president

8- Cleansing of the judicial system

9- Cleansing of the government communication and information system

10- Stopping the sales of gas to Israel.

11- Developing a new financial system to replace the “Special Financial Fund chest”, containing more than a trillion Egyptian pounds. The previous government high officials have misused the fund. The fund should be used in a proper, and controlled manner by the government, in order to ease foreign government pressure.

Change is a slow process, but ultimately the revolution objectives will be achieved.

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