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Mar 6, 2012

The Kneeling Egyptian Pharaoh

A caricature appeared in the Egyptian media, showing the Egyptian Pharaoh kneeling in front of the American Statue of Liberty. What this really means is the fact that the Egyptian government has caved to the American government’s demands and released the 19 Americans who were accused of violating Egyptian law. The case was taken away from the Egyptian Criminal Court and the 19 Americans accused were bailed out and permitted to leave Egypt on an American military plane that landed at Cairo airport without permit.

This incident enraged the Egyptians. It led to a protest movement in front of the American embassy in Cairo.

The speaker of the Egyptian parliament, Dr. El Katatny, promised an investigation of this interference in the Egyptian judicial system to find out who are the responsible people involved in the case. He set March 11th, 2012, as a special Parliament session to investigate the case.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian mass media has been focusing on this case and accusing the most powerful political groups - the Egyptian Higher Military Council and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I regrettably maintain that the Egyptian Revolution has been stolen, despite the free election of a new parliament and the Shura Council. Many of the revolutionary demands have not been implemented yet and Egypt is entering a dark tunnel that might lead to another revolution.

One of the major demands of the revolution was the restoration of Egypt freedom and dignity from foreign interferences, especially by the American government.

The release of the American accused individuals reflects the fact that Egypt is still under the thumb of American’s government influence. The later has been threatening to cut US foreign Aid to Egypt. For those who are not aware of the details of American Aid, I would like to point out the fact that the US benefits more from the aids than Egypt.

Second, American politicians in general are not well informed about the relation between countries that the US is dealing with, especially in the Middle East region and in particular the Arab world.

Many politicians are short sighted and tend to fall under the pressure of lobbyists who represent interest groups and multi-National Co-operations whose financial contributions is essential for their re-elections. The consequences of such American foreign policy are harmful in the long run to the American national interests. Also it produces negative reactions in foreign countries where the US is involved. There is no doubt that every country looks after its own national interest. However, when the interest is shared with other countries ‘ national interests, it would contribute to political stability, which will be of beneficial to all. Unfortunately, the US, political interferences in the Arab world, especially during the past six decades has been un-democratic and supportive of corrupt authoritarian regimes.

Frequently, American politicians use the rational that its aim is to spread democracy This is a justification for their interferences in the internal affairs of other countries as was the case for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The Christian Science Monitor recently stated that there is no democracy in Iraq. It is only on paper and is not being implemented. The American public tends to fall for such rational.

The three American organizations that went to Egypt to help Egyptian and prepare them to ‘practice democracy’ should have done this in the US instead of Egypt.

It is of interest to read some of the remarks made recently by the Senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe. She stated that after 40 years in the Senate she is not seeking re-election. One of the major rational she used is that “the Senate is not living up to what the Founding Fathers envisioned”, and if “the people in the US raise their voices, they will solve the nation’s most urgent challenges”

America’s challenges at home is more threatening to its security, than the challenges abroad.

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  1. Excellent article, only I wish it was accompanied by a photo of the caricature discussed.