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Dec 4, 2009

A constructive American Foreign Aid

In Al Masry Al Yom (10/21/09) Hasan Bakr wrote that US ambassador, Margaret Scoby, announced the US administration's decision to establish dozens of pilot schools in Cairo and Alexandria. This decision was approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The schools will be fully funded through the US Aid.

Recently, the educational system in Egypt has been deteriorating . This is due to the lack of governmental funding and the rapid population growth. Hence, the US Aid for educational purpose is a well thought of project if it provides the needed tools for the enhancement of education in Egypt.

The proposed schools will be under American management, and students have to meet American admission requirements in order to be accepted.

The objective of building such schools in Egypt is to graduate each year a large number of students whose education is compatible with that of the US.

The new American aid to Egypt will have a positive impact. An impact that will be of benefit to students involved as well as to the Egyptian society in general.

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