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Dec 16, 2009

Israeli chief rabbi compares West Bank mosque attack to Kristallnacht.

Recently, the New York Times reported (Dec.14, 2009) that high ranking Israeli chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger visited the West Bank village of Yasuf, where the local mosque was vandalized last week by Jewish Israeli settlers.
Rabbi Metzger told village residents, “I came here to express my revulsion at this wretched act of burning a place holy to the Muslim people.” He drew an explicit comparison to Kristallnacht, the November 1938 attacks on Jewish synagogues and businesses in Nazi Germany. “Seventy years ago,” Rabbi Metzger said, “the Holocaust, the biggest tragedy in our history, began with the torching of synagogues during Kristallnacht.” He added, “We are still living this trauma. And in the state of Israel, we will not allow a Jew to do something like this to Muslims.”
Rabbi Metzger, I salute you for your honesty and courage to publicly condemn such an act. However, what happened in the village Yasuf was not an isolated incident. Similar acts have been taking place against the Palestinians since the creation of Israel. Many Israelis, including high ranking politicians, are Fascist and are applying similar Nazi tactics against the Palestinians. Rabbi Metzger, continue holding the true Jewish Torch, "Let there be light".

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