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May 31, 2010

Israel Rejection of U.N. Resolutions

The Israeli government just announced its rejection of the U.N. resolution asking it to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Also, Israel declared publicly that it will not participate in the proposed meeting to be held in 2012 to discuss the turning of the Middle East to a nuclear weapons-free region. The Israeli response was expected by people familiar with their defiance of everything that is not consistent with their fascist ideology, the supremacy of “Zionism”.

After Israel was given its birth certificate by the U.N. in 1948, in no time it rejected U.N. resolutions regarding Palestinian rights. Also, Israel has been in defiance of the International Court of Justice as well as in violation of the 1948 Geneva Treaty Convention.

All of this defiance is attributed in general to the U.S. government foreign policy, which provided Israel with an umbrella to protect its violations during the past 60 years. To illustrate this point, the U.S. used its veto power at the Security Council more than 75 times to neutralize resolutions submitted by other members that condemned Israel. As a result of such policies, the Palestinians resort to resisting Israeli occupation, which is a right according to the Geneva Convention Treaty of 1948. In return, they are labeled “terrorists” by the U.S. The U.S. government has the key that will lead to real peace between Israel and Palestine but unfortunately the American Congress is under the control of “AIPAC” and American Jewish organizations that are holding American national interest hostage for the benefit of Israel.

During a lecture given by Professor Noam Chomsky at UNESCO Palace in Beirut, Lebanon (5/27/2010), he state that “There is little prospect for peace between Israel and the Palestinians until a drastic change in the United States’ foreign policy occurs.” He continued to note that, “If the U.S. changes its policy, Israel has no option but to go along.” He also pointed out that, “The main forces that shape U.S. policy in the Middle East are the same that shape its policy everywhere else – concentrations of private capital. If these Middle East forces were to shift their capital, the Israeli lobby would collapse in two minutes.” (www.dailystar.com, 5/27/10)

One of the basic reasons that the Arab Gulf oil-producing countries are big investors in the U.S. is because of its support and protection of such corrupt regimes in the Middle East. These governments put their political securities ahead of the interests of their populations.

The crisis over Iran’s nuclear program is to keep Israel as the only dominant power in the region. The bombing by Israel of the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 and the suspected nuclear site in Syria in 2007 reflects a clear indication of Israel’s military strategy. Shame on the corrupt Arab political regimes that have been under the thumb of the U.S. since their independence. The Arab world has failed to build their own nuclear arsenal to the counter Israeli military arrogance. The Arab political leadership has failed to learn from the cold war struggle between the U.S. and the old USSR. Neither side took the risk to attack the other because of the danger involved. There will be no winners in such nuclear war.

A recent example of Israeli military arrogance occurred when they sent three nuclear submarines to the Arab gulf area to intimidate Iran. Professor Noam Chomsky put it clearly recently that, “The latest crisis in the Middle East over Iran’s nuclear program, saying that if Iran was indeed seeking nuclear weapons, they would be doing so to deter aggression against them rather than to use them against Israel.” (www.dailystar.com, 5/27/2010). Unfortunately, the corrupt Arab political leadership is in a deep sleep.

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