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May 17, 2010

Paul Bremer’s Criminal Strategy in Iraq

Among the causes of the continuous violence in Iraq since the American invasion of 2003 are the rising unemployment rate and its economic, political and social impact on the Iraqi society. Recently, it has been reported that the unemployment in Iraq at the present exceeds 50% (aljazeera.net 4/20/2010).

In previous posts (2009) I have referred to the fact that Paul Bremer, the American governor of Iraq, who was appointed in 2004, implemented a plan that led to the destruction of the Iraqi political military and economic system. Bremer issued an order in 2004 that prevented the Iraqi Central Bank from funding state-owned economic enterprises system. More than 192 state factories employing more than 500,000 people were closed.

Furthermore, he dismantled the Iraqi army as well as the civil service under the pretext of debaathification. This action affected millions of Iraqis who discovered they were suddenly without jobs. For more information, read “The Iraqi War Conspiracy and its Tragic Aftermath”.

Mr. Bremer, who is known as a “neocon”, went to Iraq with a personal plan in mind: the “destruction of Iraq, economically and militarily.”

The result of such action was individual and group violence in Iraq due to economic deprivations.

Mr. Bremer and others in the Bush administration should be investigated and tried by the International Court of Justice for the war crimes they committed during the invasion of Iraq from 2003-2010).

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