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Jun 23, 2010

Intricacy of U.S./Turkey/Israel relations

The troubles in Turkish-Israeli relations continue to escalate due to the attack on the Turkish ship at the end of May 2010. The attack led to the killing of nine unarmed Turkish activists who were part of a “mercy mission”.

At the U.N. the Turkish government demanded an international investigation of the Israeli military attack. Also, Turkey demanded an apology for the attack on a Turkish ship.

Israel has ignored Turkey’s demands. Instead, they have established their own investigative committee and no soldiers will be called to testify. Israel has appointed two outside observers who will have no authority to interfere in the investigation. Furthermore, there will be no apology from Israel. Turkey has said that it will not accept this type of investigation. Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Israel as a result of the Israeli dismissal of its demands.

In the meantime, Israeli supporters began to mobilize members of the American Congress to stand up and support Israel. Members of the House and the Senate have warned Turkey and stated that Turkey’s relationship with the U.S. will be damaged if Turkey continues to maintain its hostile and aggressive attacks against Israel. Some members even went further by threatening Turkey that it will pay an even higher price if it continues to have a close and friendly relationship with Iran.

Furthermore, in a press conference, members from both political parties criticized Turkey, who is a member of NATO, for supporting the International Free Flotilla that was trying to break the blockade of Gaza. Some members went even further by criticizing Turkey for not supporting the Security Council resolution to impose more restrictions on Iran. They have said that Turkey’s “no” vote in the Security Council is a disgraceful act. In addition, 126 members of Congress have signed a letter addressed to President Obama calling on him to oppose any international condemnation of Israel.

On the other hand, the Jewish J.Street Organization has opposed what these members of Congress stand for and asked that the American government work to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict. These honest and objective members of the Jewish community are pushing for a just peace in the Middle East. Those members of the American Congress who are acting like a rubber stamp for AIPAC are not serving the American national interest.

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