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Jun 18, 2010

The Israeli Internal Investigation Committee

The Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu just announced the formation of an internal committee to investigate the attack against the free flotilla that led to the killing of nine Turkish citizens. According to the released news, two outsiders will be asked to sit on the committee as observers and have no voting power. Furthermore, no Israeli soldiers will be called upon to be investigated or to testify against other soldiers in front of the committee. The formation of such a committee by the Israeli government is nothing but a white wash with the purpose of pacifying the public worldwide that was outraged by the Israeli’s savage attack of the free flotilla, which was a mercy mission.

The United Nations condemned the attack and called for the creation of an international commission to investigate the attack. Of course, the Israeli government refused to participate in the proposed investigation and opted to do it themselves so they can cover their own dirt. The Israelis must have learned a lesson from the Goldstone Report, which accused the Israelis of war crimes committed against the Palestinians during their invasion of Gaza in December 2008. The tragic thing about the whole affair is that the U.S. government was supportive of a U.N. inquiry but they have caved in as a result of Zionist Jewish groups and the influence of AIPAC over the American Congress and the White House.

The U.S. government has been supportive of Israeli policy regardless of its actions and the consequences on national and international levels. This has lead the Israeli government to ignore international law and put itself above the law. Its actions always backfire against the U.S. and the innocent American citizens are the ones who end up paying the price, physically and financially.

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