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Apr 5, 2011

Islamophobia on the Rise

Senator Richard Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, conducted a hearing on the American Muslim Community’s role in the U.S. regarding terrorism. He attempted to correct the false impression that Representative Peter King, a Republican from New York, created. During his investigation two weeks ago, King tried to convey to the American public that the Muslim American community has been radicalized. However, he failed to produce any evidence to substantiate his claims. Representative King’s promised future investigation of the American Muslim Community is nothing but a failed attempt to appease some of his fanatic constituents.

Senator Durbin’s investigation was to clear the false impression Representative Peter King created and to set the record straight. He stated that American Muslims have served as the largest source of tips to authorities, tracking terror suspects, according to a recent university study. He continued to say that the American Muslim community represents one percent of the population, but they are victims in 14 percent of religious discrimination cases. These range from homicides and mosque burnings to job, school and zoning law abuses, according to the Justice Department. He warned against “guilt by association”. Furthermore, Senator Durbin emphasized that the nation’s struggle against terrorism is best served by information and not dark generalizations. (NYTimes.com, 4/2/2011).

In regard to the spread of Islamophobia, I have referred to various groups that have been attacking the American Muslim community and Islam in general. References were made to Terry Jones, among others, who threatened to burn the Quran because Islam is “not a religion”. Pressure was used by high-ranking politicians, including the president, and military leaders, urging Terry Jones not to go ahead with his threats because it would endanger the lives of American soldiers and threaten American national interests, especially in Islamic countries. Jones postponed the burning last year. However, recently, without much publicity or fanfare, he burned the Quran during a stupid “trial” he set in his church to justify his act. The news of the burning of the Quran spread in Islamic countries and in Northern Afghanistan there was a protest that led to the killing of 10 foreign U.N. staff, in addition to five Afghans. The protests were predicted last year in a warning sent to Terry Jones by General Petraeus and Security of Defense Gates, in addition to President Obama.

Islamophobia is on the rise and will continue as long as hardcore and ignorant conservative fanatics use Islam as a target to release their frustrations. The freedom of expression in the American Constitution has been abused and the federal government and the American Congress have failed to put an end to it. Such irresponsible personal behavior should be stopped by putting people like the Reverend Terry Jones in a mental institution. He should be held accountable for the killing of ten members of the U.N. Furthermore, those members of the U.N. who were in Afghanistan and killed by the protestors reflects barbaric and savage acts that are worse than Terry Jones’s act that incited such uncalled for criminal action. Also, keep in mind that the protest that took place during the past few days in Afghanistan led to the deaths of 51 people, according to the latest news reports.

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