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Apr 14, 2011

Plotting A Counter Revolution

During the past few days, the Alarabiya TV station has aired recorded interviews with Hosni Mubarak in which he denies the accusations that have been revealed to the Egyptian public.

He said “he had to defend his and his family’s reputations and denied that he stole public money or even had foreign assets in foreign countries.”

The foreign press as well as Transparency International estimated the wealth of the Mubarak family to be between $ 40 and 70 billion.

However, Mr. Mubarak, in his interview, tried to appeal to the Egyptian people and to play on their emotions, saying that he had the right to defend himself and his family against the false propaganda that was mounted against him and his family.

Mubarak is entitled to defending himself, but the puzzling part is why he did it through a Saudi TV network and not an Egyptian one. Furthermore, the Alarabiya TV station kept showing the Mubarak recorded interview for almost two days.

In the meantime, Mubarak has been summoned by the state prosecutor for an investigation of corruption and the killing of protestors. Also, the prosecutor for investigation has summoned his sons Jamal and Alaa.

The protestors who have been calling for Mr. Mubarak and his family to be tried since January 25th have reached a point of impatience because of the slow reaction by the public prosecutor to act.

Meanwhile, it was reported that some leadership from the previous regime and members of the Egyptian National party met on Thursday evening before the protest the following day to create problems in Tahrir Square. The purpose behind it is to spoil the harmonious relationship between the protestors and the Egyptian military. Furthermore, the report revealed that some business leaders who were at the meeting provided large sums of money to recruit supporters to come to Tahrir Square and provide them with tents to stay in Tahrir until April 25th. The equipment was delivered Friday morning to a group of hoodlums. The army chased them through the streets that lead to the Square and on Saturday in the early morning, before the beginning of the curfew, they got entangled with members of the Egyptian army. This led to the shooting of two people and some of these were wearing army uniforms to mislead the Egyptian public. The army confirmed the plotting and arrested Ibrahim Kamil, a leading businessman, as well as a few assistants for investigation. (www.shorouknews.com, 4/1/2011).

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