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Sep 29, 2011

The Prosecution of George W. Bush

The American invasion of Iraq in 2003 prompted some politicians, writers, journalists and scholars to raise many questions about the legality of the war. Some even called for the investigation of crimes committed during the Bush era. In his book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, Vincent Bugliosi stated that, “On the evidence collected, George W. Bush should b put on trial in an American courtroom for the murder of nearly 4,000 American soldiers fighting the war in Iraq”. Mr. Bugliosi has built a popular reputation as a public prosecutor at the L.A. County District Attorney’s office.

There are still many supporters of President Obama who are raising questions about the Bush era and the crimes committed and so far there have been no attempts to investigate members of the previous administration.

In an article written by Andrew King of the Justice Integrity Project, “Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes”, he stated, “The transitional advisors team led by Christopher Edley, Jr., Dean of Law School at the University of California Berkeley, have advised Obama’s ‘Look Forward’ policy on Bush-era law breaking that the president elect announced on a TV talk show in January 2009.” Edley’s rationale implies that “Obama and his team fear the military/national security forces that he is supposed to be commanding. It suggests also that Republicans have intimidated him right from the start of his presidency, even though voters in 2008 rejected Republicans by the largest combined presidential-congressional mandate in recent U.S. history.”

I am of the opinion that Obama made the wrong decision by following the transitional committee’s recommendation for the following reasons. The first reason is that the majority of the American voters, especially the younger generation, cast their votes for the first time, hoping that the president elect would introduce massive political and economic reforms badly needed to put the U.S government back on its correct track.

It is unfortunate that President Obama did not learn quickly that the Republican members of Congress are not going to cooperate with him. They have made it public that he is a one-term president. During the first two years of his administration, Democrats dominated Congress, the Senate and the House. Obama was not even influential enough to control the members of his own party due to the influences of lobbyists on them. Second, one of the major promises that Obama made during the campaign was to curtail the influence of lobbyists in Washington on members of Congress and he failed to do that.

It was reported that there are more than 16,000 registered lobbyists in Washington and another equal number who are not officially registered, but still play an influential role in shaping political decisions for the benefit of companies that they represent.

Third, the National Healthcare Bill that Obama introduced was not accepted in its totality. The public sector, which was the major component, was removed from the bill, which still left the private healthcare companies as usual without the competition needed to control the healthcare cost.

Fourth, another major blunder of Obama’s policy was his tax bill, in which he proposed to tax those who are earning more than $250,000 per year. These people, who are not subject to taxes, constitute the vast majority of the American people. Unfortunately, he caved to the demands of the Republican majority in the House. It has been said that Obama’s breaths are shorter than the Republicans’ breaths, and that they knew he would cave to their demands in the end.

Fifth, U.S. society from its beginning more than two hundred years ago has been developed on the basis of democracy, which the founding fathers created. The constitution of the U.S. has set the guidelines for politicians and the public at large to follow in order of preserving democracy. No person is above the law.

Crimes and violations of human rights were committed during the Bush era, which should have been investigated. Some members of the Justice Integrity Project and other activists are still demanding the investigation of the crimes committed by George W. Bush and his vice president and the secretary of defense. Some activists’ members are organizing to replace Obama on the Democratic 2012 Ticket. This is reflected by Swanon Publications, “Insider Tells Why Obama Chose Not To Prosecute Torture” (www.readersupportednews.org/opinion2/424-national-security/7367_focus_obama_te, 9/10/2011).

Those activists were strong supporters of Obama and were a force behind his election in 2008. It is unfortunate that President Obama lacks the courage to implement the promises he made during his campaign. There is overwhelming evidence to support the prosecution of George W. Bush by lying to the nation, using fabricated and false reports to justify his policy of the Iraqi invasion. That reckless move has produced great harm to the nation economically, politically and physically. Accountability of politicians for their actions is the basis for a healthy democracy.

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