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Jun 24, 2012

The New President of the Second Republic of Egypt

The Egyptian Constitutional Higher Court has announced Dr. Mohamed Morsi as the winner of the presidential election.

True and democratic election has taken place in Egypt. More than 51.7% of the eligible voters have exercised their right for the first time in their life, and voted for Dr. Morse while 48.3% voted for Dr. Ahmad Shafik. The new Egyptian political model will definitely have an impact on the rest of the Arab world.

The advantage of Dr. Morsi being the first president of the second Egyptian Republic gives the Egyptian society a fresh start. It also reflects an end to the influence of the previous regime that Dr. Shafik represented.

Dr.Morsi has already declared, prior to the official election’s results, that he will nominate an independent prime minister. That is a prime minister who is not affiliated to his party “Freedom and Justice” and neither to the Muslim Brothers. I sincerely hope that he will implement what he has promised the Egyptian people.

 Regardless of the fact that the Egyptian revolution of January 25 is not completed, the result of the latest elections, however, will lead the new president to focus on the much needed revolutionary demands of the economic, political and social reforms. “Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice” was the slogan of the young, vanguard of the Egyptian Revolution.

I hope Dr. Shafik’s supporters will join their forces to support Dr.Morsi for the benefit of all Egyptians.

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