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Sep 16, 2012

A Follow Up on Islamophobia

Islamophobia continues to infiltrate the U.S. The recent showing of a film reflecting negatively on prophet Muhammad and Islam created an upheaval in Arab and Islamic countries.

The protests in Libya against this offensive film led to the killings of the American ambassador and three U.S. staffers. It was reported by the Wall Street Journal that the producer of the film is an Israeli American citizen living in California. According to the article, Mr. Sam Bacile raised five million dollars from 100 Jewish contributors to finance and produce the film, the aim of which is to show the destructive aspects of Islam. There are very few Egyptian-American Copts connected to Zionist groups and who have participated in the production of this audacious film.

The negative campaign against Islam, which has created Islamophobia especially in the U.S., is the work of Jewish Zionist organizations and Christian Zionist evangelical organizations. The purpose of such a religious-political campaign is to widen the gap between Christians and Muslims for the benefit of Israel.

It is about time the American people and U.S. government put an end to such a negative political strategy. The first amendment of the American constitution, which guarantees the freedom of speech, has been abused by some individuals and politically oriented groups. The Justice Department should investigate the motives behind the production of the film, which is offensive to more than 1.2 billion Muslims around the world, and especially, which led to the murdering of Americans.

The American government spends many billions of taxpayers’ dollars every year to protect the American national interest. The production of such an offensive film hurts and puts in danger the American national interest, despite the official statements made by the Secretary of State that the U.S. government has nothing to do with the production of the film (which provoked the death and injuries of many). I regret to say that the members of the U.S. congress do not have the courage to put an end to the abuse of the first amendment in the American constitution.


  1. Love your articles. keep on bloggin man.

    "Everytime I'm in Georgia I eat a peach for peace"- Duane Allman

  2. I love your articles but I was really taken back by this one. I honestly think 'Islamophobia' is linked more to the fact that people are being murdered at the hands of supposed 'followers of Islam' than that the offensive DVD was created. The truth is, very few people in America, even knew about the movie until the Americans were murdered. If people don't die, this movie would also die in obscurity, and it give's Islam a chance for people to believe in the Good that is Islam and know that Mohammed was a prophet of peace and love. When people persecute us because of our faith, it brings us joy in the goodness of our God, and it is our job to be men of truth. What is the world supposed to think when people are dying?