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Sep 16, 2012

Expansion of Israeli Hegemony

It was reported, recently, that the German government agreed to sell two submarines to Egypt.
As it is always the case, the Israeli government, as usual, issued a threatening political campaign against Egypt and Germany for sales of two submarines. Germany has already sold a submarine to Israel and no questions were asked. However, the Israeli government is trying to prevent a similar sale to Egypt. The Israeli government issued an aggressive call to Egypt to stop the purchase of the submarine, threatening to stop American foreign aid to Egypt.

The political vulgarity and ethnocentricity of Israeli politicians is very difficult to ignore. First, it is the American taxpayers who support American foreign aid, not Israeli taxpayers. It should be stated clearly that the American taxpayers have given Israel more than $180 billion since 1948 in foreign aid. Furthermore, the Israeli threats also reflect that American foreign policy is formed in Israel not the U.S. Second, it is true that Israeli controls the U.S. congress due to the influence of AIPAC and other Jewish American organizations. Some members of the U.S. congress have pointed out that the Israeli government gets what it wants, no questions asked.

For that and other reasons, Israel for the past six decades has been biting the hand that feeds it and causing damage to the American national interest. Furthermore, Israel has been the major cause of world terrorism.

It has just come up in the news that the German government is reconsidering the sale of submarines to Egypt!  Of course this is due to the pressure from Israel.

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