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Feb 1, 2013

US Government and the Muslim Brotherhood

On January 28, 2013 the Egyptian newspaper ‘al watan’ reported ‘Khayrat el Shater, deputy director of the Muslim Brotherhood, met with the American ambassador, Ann Paterson.’ El Shater was seeking US support for president Morsi.
Since 2007, according to the Egyptian press, US government officials have been meeting with some members of the Muslim Brotherhood organization. The Muslim Brothers spokesman denied such meetings.
The puzzling question to Egyptians is why did the US ambassador meet with Khayrat el Shater who is not an elected figure?
Having thoroughly studied and followed US government’s policy toward the Arab Word such meeting does not surprise me.
US government officials will meet with anyone they see fit to help achieving their foreign policy in the Middle East in general and in the Arab World in particular.
Two major issues influence the US foreign policy toward the Arab World:
1.   The safety of Israel and its military superiority in the region.
2.   The preservation of the Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. The Muslim Brother’s leaders have assured the US government of their support for the Peace Treaty.
3.   The control of the flow of oil to the West.  In reality, such concern is not triggered by the American national interest, but rather by American lobbyists.
The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and American oil company’s lobbyists are among the most influential group shaping American foreign policy irrespective of its impact on the American national interest. Hence, when American foreign policy makers publicly request the implementation of democracy in Egypt, it is simply for public consumption.
History reveals the fact that American officials, in general, have supported ruthless dictators, all over the world, as along as they implement their policy. Once those dictators fail to fulfill such policy, American support is withdrawn.
Is history going to repeat itself in the case of Egypt? It remains to be seen!

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