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Jan 31, 2013

President Morsi Public Speech

On the eve of January 25, 2013, president Morse addressed the nation expressing his concern about the protesters’ impact on Egyptian society.
The president declared Marshall law to be imposed for a whole month on three governorates: Suez, Ismailia, and Port Said. The public was astonished that those three cities were only targeted and not the whole country since demonstrators and violence have occurred in many other cities.
The media criticized the declaration because of its unconstitutionality. The foreign press has also criticized president Morsi’s decision in imposing Marshall law.
 The Egyptians, in general, are disappointed in Morsi’s policy. He failed to implement promises he made during his electoral campaign. Furthermore, it became clear that the real power behind the throne is the leader (murshid) of the Muslim Brothers and his deputy, Khayrat el Shater. Morsi lost credibility as well as his presidential authority. This is very well reflected in Egyptian humor. Caricatures, humoristic articles and TV programs have all been entertaining the disappointed Egyptian public.
The people of Suez, Ismailia and Port Said are disregarding the curfew imposed on them. The curfew is supposed to begin at 9:00 PM, and this is when then public begins to play soccer games the whole evening. Streets are filled with inhabitants, men, women and children, chanting, holding flags and shouting slogans against the Muslim Brothers’ government.
It is a kind of filibuster or marathon through which they defied Morsi’s authority, and calling for his removal. The daring of the public is one positive result of the January 25th Revolution. Egyptians are not afraid anymore.
Facing such turmoil, the minister of Defense publically declared that Egypt is facing internal threats, which is of concern to national security. He, then declared according to the Constitution, the Egyptian military is ready to assume its responsibility toward the country!
Doesn’t this ring a bell?????

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