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Apr 6, 2017

President El Sessi Made History

President El Sessi official visit to the US reflects president Trump new political foreign strategy towards the Middle East, which was ignored by president Obama.
President Trump warm reception of El Sessi was more than one expected from the usual political protocol.  There are reasons for such warm welcome.
Fist, president Trump objective is to bring a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has been going on for more than seven decades. This conflict contributed in many ways to the rise of international terrorism.
Egypt is the major political power in the Arab World and the most influential. President El Sessi could play an effective role vis a vis the Palestinians in order to reach a common solution with the Israelis regarding the eternal conflict.
Furthermore, the Egyptian president will be influential in obtaining political support from other Arab countries to support a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. President Trump took this opportunity into consideration and encouraged president El Sessi to meet with political leaders of the American congress and the Pentagon. If president Trump strategy is successful in bringing an end to the conflict, the negative views of the majority of American and European people will change.
Second, president Trump’s positive attitude towards El Sessi is also attributed to Egypt’s role in fighting terrorism in Sinai
Terrorism has been a major issue before the US presidential election. Hence, after the election president Trump with the help of Egypt vowed to defeat ISIS and eliminate terrorism in the Middle East and hopefully worldwide.
Third, the American president encouraged the American Chamber of Commerce to urge American companies to invest in Egypt. This will help the Egyptian economy which is in dire need for economic help. It will enable Egypt to be a strong power in one of the most important geographical area in the world.
Fourth, the American Secretary of State, stated that Egypt is a safe country to visit, and encouraged Americans to visit Egypt rather than Turkey which is a dangerous place.
Fifth, president Trump new political strategy changed the US negative views of Egypt.

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