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Apr 8, 2017

The US Missiles Attack on Syria

The US missiles attack on al shuirat Syrian military base was in retaliation to the Syrian government air attack on khan shaikhoun. It is said that the Syrian government used poison gas which led to the killing of more than 100 innocents Syrians, many were children.
Both Russia and the Syrian governments condemned the US air attack stating that it was in violation of the UN Charter and international law. This US attack will lead to negative consequences.
The Syrian government denied the use of poisonous gas in its air raid. It bombed a hidden armament storage which stored gas bombs which was smuggled from Iraq to al Nusrah terrorist group who happen to be in control of khan shaikhoun.
The UN was investigating the Syrian attack and the US should have waited for the UN investigation report prior to the bombing.
It is a fact that the US government is consistent in its aggressive behavior and for its lack of consideration to the UN Charter or the international law.
Many Europeans governments, Turkey, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the Emirates and Jordan supported the US attack. Russia and some Muslim countries condemned the attack.
The Egyptian government criticized the US air attack stating that the US should have waited for the UN investigation, but it refrained from either supporting or condemning the US air attack
I would like to conclude by stressing the fact that the US missile attack reflects the consisting aggressive behavior of the US government through history.

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