Apr 9, 2018

The US Presence in Syria

During the last week of March 2018, president Trump mad a public statement regarding the American military involvement in the Middle East. He pointed out that during the past 17 years the US government spent more than 7 trillion dollars as a result of the military forces involvement in wars in the region.
What did we get as a result of the involvement, did president Trump ask? Nothing, nothing, nothing. He further stated “we need to bring our soldiers back from Syria.
The security and military advisers, immediately, issued a public statement that maintained “war against ISIS is not completed. The withdrawal of the troupes will be delayed until the mission is completed.” At the same time American soldiers were sent to Syria at the request to General Foley.
American soldiers were sent to Syria without the permission of either the UN or the Syrian government. Actually, the US government has violated international law.
The US, through its history, has fought in more that 40 unnecessarily wars.
President Trump delayed the withdrawal of American soldiers from Syria. His decision was not only influenced by the military, but also by other foreign governments such as Israel, and Saudi Arabic. Both governments referred to the presence of Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah militia in Syrian, hence US soldiers should not leave Syria.
General Mattis stated publicly that US soldiers will remain in Syria to prevent Iran from Staying indefinitely in Syria. It will threaten American interest in the region.
Actually, Russian presence in Syria is nothing new. The Russians have been there for more that 50 years, and with the blessing of the Syrian government.

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