May 17, 2018

International Outrage over Gaza’s Killing

Since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, Israel’s political strategy has been consistent, to drive the Palestinians from their land in order to implement Eretz Israel or greater Israel. More than five million Palestinians were driven out of their homes and were classified as refugees. In addition, more than 500 villages were demolished so that none of those refugees could come back to their homes. This has been classified as ‘ethnic cleansing’ by the Israeli historian I. Pappe.
After the 1967 war with Israel, hundreds of homes were also demolished.
In addition, more than 350 Jewish settlements were illegally built in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, and where more than 500,000 Jewish settlers are now living. This is, of course, in violation of the UN Resolution 242 which stipulates that Israel has to leave the occupied land and go back to the 1967 political boundaries.
Recently, the US has moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which is also a violation of the UN Resolution 242.
It should be stressed here that US foreign policy, not only regarding the Palestinians and Israelis policy, has always been influenced by the Israel political strategy, but also the policy toward Arab states in general.
During the past weeks while Israel was celebrating its 70th birthday, Palestinians were peacefully demonstrating along the Gaza/Israel borders. The Israeli army reacted by shooting and killing 61 Palestinian demonstrators, among them an 8-month child.
More than 2700 Palestinians were injured by Israeli bullets. The Gaza strip has been blockaded for more than60 years. It is a concentration camp where Palestinians are incarcerated and controlled by Israelis, a type of Holocaust.
This super aggressive Israeli’s policy towards the Palestinians for the past 70 years has been encouraged and supported by the US government.
I am concluding by two statements. One made by Senator L. Graham saying “we are not doing enough for Israel.” The second by the previous speaker of the Senate, H. Reid who asserted that this is the most corrupt congress in the history of the US.

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