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Dec 23, 2010

Israel-Palestinian Talks Going Nowhere

Arab foreign ministers have rejected further Israeli-Palestinian peace talks without a "serious offer" from the U.S. on ending the Middle East conflict (BBC 12/16/2010). The Arab foreign ministers are misleading nobody but themselves. Even the average person in the Arab world is aware of the fact that the U.S. government, which created Israel, is under Israel's thumb. Israel dictates foreign policy and the U.S. implements it. Arab foreign ministers should defy and ignore the U.S., who warned them not to bring the issue to the U.N. for the recognition of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 boundaries. The U.S. Congress (the House), led by Jewish Zionist members, passed a resolution (Dec. 15, 2010) approved a resolution opposing a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. This is not a surprise since the American Congress implements whatever AIPAC wants.

Ex-senator Fritz Holling (D. of S. Carolina) cited publicly the influence of AIPAC as the most important pro-Israel lobby group in Washington in determining U.S. policy in the Middle East. He said there cannot be an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC creates. Furthermore, he stated that every president that takes office, whether Republican or Democrat, is told exactly what to do by AIPAC (Charleston Daily Courier, 5/6/2004). There are other members of the U.S. Congress who were courageous enough to stand up to the challenges and the power of AIPAC. There are few ex-members of Congress who opposed AIPAC's policy and influence on American foreign policy in the Middle East. Members like P. McCloskey, P. Findley, C. Percy and W. Fullbrights. Most of them were defeated in the election due to AIPAC's financial contributions to their opponents.

The reason behind AIPAC's success is attributed to many reasons. First, the constituents of the majority of the members of Congress are ill informed and many of them could not care less. I would say that they are politically illiterate. Second, the American mass media has lost its objectivity. Israeli atrocity against the Palestinians is seldom part of the daily news. This is attributed to the influence of the American Jewish Community on the media. Third, the impact of the American Evangelical Christian Zionist organizations who are strong supporters of Israel, due to their own interpretation of the New Testament. Finally, Palestinians are viewed as Muslims, and the prevailing influence of Islamophobia works against the Palestinian tragedy. Furthermore, the International Human Rights Watch organization in a report issued Dec. 19, 2010 in which it calls on the U.S. government to investigate American economic foreign aid to Israel. Israel receives $2.7 billion per year from the U.S. and it has been estimated that $1.4 billion of that aid goes to subsidize the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Israel, since 1967, has built more than 300 illegal settlements on Palestinian land, where nearly 500,000 Jewish settlers are living. It is beyond any doubt that the U.S. government is aware of it, but does not want to challenge the Israeli violations of the U.N. resolutions and international law.

Nevertheless, more than half of the U.N. members have already recognized the Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. Recently, a few Latin American states, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay have recognized the Palestinian state. Furthermore, Norway has raised the status of the Palestinian representative into an ambassadorial rank. In previous posts, I have jointed others who predicted that Israel will collapse within the next 20-30 years due to internal conflicts. Such views are even made public by some Israeli citizens who think that the state should be secular to include all the Palestinians in the occupied area.

Recently, Neil Cavuto of Fox News Network interviewed Rabia Yisrael Weiss, who stated that the state of Israel should have not been created as it is in violation of the true teaching of Judaism. The Jewish Zionist groups who have used Judaism to create a national Jewish political entity are in violation of the true teachings of Judaism. Furthermore, it is stated that for thousands of years, Jews have lived in different countries and that it should stay that way (www.youtube.com/watch?=deazuj7ruwm)

In the long run, the only appropriate situation for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has been going on for more than sixty years, is the creation of one secular state where Jews, Christians and Muslims will live together in peace as it used to be for thousands of years.

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