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Dec 31, 2010

The Jewish Zionist Strategy

On Christmas Day, the pope called for Middle East peace and urged the Palestinians and Israelis to coexist in peace. It is unfortunate that the Israeli government, which is led by Prime Minister B. Netanyahu, is ignoring the whole world and continuing to implement Zionist ideology. The killing and suppression of Palestinians in the occupied lands is a daily routine. On the 24th of December, 2010, the BBC reported that Israel’s demolitions of homes in East Jerusalem increased by 45% this year. 369 buildings were demolished and as a result 561 Palestinians were displaced. The land has been used to build new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem. An estimated 200,000 Jewish settlers have moved into these homes as part of the government ethnic cleansing policy. The UNRWA Field Director Barbra Sherstone has condemned the demolitions and eviction of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Furthermore, she pointed out that “out of the 250,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, the U.N. says 60,000 are at risk of having their homes demolished by Israeli authorities” (www.bbc.uk, 12/24/2010).

The construction of new homes in the Jewish settlements in the West Bank is going on in violation of U.N. resolutions and the International Court of Justice. The tragedy is the fact that American taxpayers’ money is part of American aid to Israel and has been used to subsidize these settlements. President Obama requested the Israeli government freeze the construction of the West Bank settlements, but he was snubbed by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The discrimination against the Palestinians in the occupied land also extends to the Israeli Palestinians who are viewed and treated as second-class citizens. It was reported recently that the Christian Israel Palestinians in Nazareth requested the permission of Jewish Mayor Capso Shimon to put up a Christmas tree in the Arab neighborhood, but their request was rejected. Discrimination the Israeli Palestinians is exercised on a broad scale. Recently, 50 Israeli rabbis issued a fatwa that was also supported by another 300 rabbis calling on Israeli Jews not to rent or sell homes or land to Israeli Palestinians. Furthermore, several attempts are being made in the Israeli parliament to pass laws that discriminate against Israeli Palestinians. Evictions of Palestinians from their homes in Arab towns in Israel such as Jaffa has been going on as part of their ethnic cleansing policy. This has been condemned by Israeli Human Rights Organizations. Such policies created by Zionist religious leaders in Israel is hardly publicized in the Western press. Recently, a Greek Orthodox Bishop equated Zionism to Satanism (NYT, Dec. 24, 2010).

Such types of criticism in the West, especially in the U.S., are not accepted at all. A few months ago an American reporter named Helen Thomas remarked that Jews who immigrated to Israel should return to Poland, the U.S., Europe or wherever they are originally from and “let the Palestinians live in peace”. These remarks were widely criticized by the mass media in the U.S. and she was pressured to resign from her post because of her anti-Semitic remarks. The prevailing condition in the U.S. is that Isareli policy is not subject for criticism and Judaism is used as an umbrella to cover its atrocities. Therefore, in this mindset, any criticism of Israel is a criticism of Judaism. Recently, a very similar remark was made by American Jewish Rabbi Yisrael Weiss in an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News. Rabbi Weiss stated that the state of Israel should not have been created as it is in violation of the true teaching of Judaism. The Jewish Zionist groups who have used Judaism to create a national Jewish political entity are in violation of the true teaching of Judaism. He stated that for thousands of years, Jews have lived in different countries and that it should stay that way. (www.youtube.com/watch?=deaziy7ruwm).

What Ms. Thomas said is no different from what Rabbi Weiss stated publicly, but the U.S. mass media ignored his remarks. What the rabbi said cannot be classified as anti-Semitic by the press because he is Jewish, but Zionists will label him a “self-hating Jew”.

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