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Jan 2, 2011

Recent Church Attack in Egypt and Iraq

The terrorist attacks that were committed against Christian churches in Iraq and Egypt that led to the killing and wounding of many innocent people has been condemned by Arab Christians and Muslims and people worldwide.

No religion in the world can approve of such crimes and it is an act in violation of the basic teachings of religions beliefs. The attackers have no respect for human life and dignity. For that reason and others the attack has received wide Arab condemnation.

The terrorist attacks against Christian churches in Iraq have led to an exodus to neighboring countries like Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Some left to other European countries. The Iraqi Christians are a minority and their number was estimated at 800,000 in 2003. By 2009, their number decreased to between 450,000 and 500,000. Prior to the American invasion of Iraq, the Christian minority was very well treated by the Saddam Hussein government and many occupied high government position. After the invasion of Iraq and with the penetration of the Israeli Mossad who served in secret as advisors to the occupying forces, things began to deteriorate. Religious and ethnic problems were intensified in Iraq. Throughout history, the concept of “divide and rule” has been used by foreign invaders to create instability, socially and politically, to weaken the national structure of a society. Religious friction and ethnic affiliations were intensified in Iraq. For example, Sunni Muslims vs. Shia'a Muslims, Muslims vs. Christians and Kurds vs. Arabs. Such religious and ethnic divisions in Iraq turned out to be a major problem that has weakened the basic social fabric of the society and eliminated the substantial social, political and scientific progress that was accomplished under the previous regime, especially during the 1970s and 1980s.

The manipulation of the religious and ethnic factors by foreign powers has not been limited to Iraq, but has also been a problem in Egypt. Conflicts between Egyptian Copts and Egyptian Muslims have been increasing during the past few decades, despite the fact that both Copts and Muslims have lived together in a peaceful manner for thousands of years. However, foreign interference in a covert and/or overt manner has been taking place through various channels to create instability, socially and politically to weaken Egypt. This is keeping the government busy with internal problems so that the focus is removed from economic and scientific development. Until recently, Egypt has been viewed as the heart of the Arab world; whatever happened in Egypt would impact the rest of the Arab world.

There is speculation that the latest attack on a Christian church in Alexandria, which led to the deaths of 21 people and injured more than 80 others, was manipulated by foreign powers. A previous warning from the Iraqi al-Qaeda a few months ago stated that Christian churches would be targeted. Another speculation in the Egyptian mass media is that the Israeli Mossad has been playing a role through their secret agents to create a religious conflict between the Egyptian Copts and Egyptian Muslims. The Copts are a minority in Egyptian society and their number has been estimated to be nearly 10% of the population that has lived in harmony and peace for the last two thousand years. Israel’s covert role in Egypt was noted by the previous director of the Israeli Mossad who stated that his agency has spent millions of dollars in Egypt and Southern Sudan to create religious conflicts between Christians and Muslims. (www.aljazeera.net, 1/1/2011). Furthermore, the Egyptian spy that was arrested recently was working with the Israeli Mossad and admitted during a recent investigation that the Mossad instructed him to recruit agents who will promote religious conflict between Copts and Muslims in Egypt.

Such an Israeli policy is of no surprise to those who are well aware of the Israeli strategy in the region. They are trying to weaken Egypt by creating internal religious conflict and keeping the government preoccupied so that it does not focus on economic and educational development.

Israeli strategy began to pay dividends for the Israeli government in regard to their secret activities in Southern Sudan. Again, the concept of “divide and rule” has been the name of the secret game that has been played by the West in the Arab world during the past thousand years. It started with Pope Benedict II who called for the Crusader wars during the 10th century under the pretext of saving Christ’s lands from the infidels, despite the fact that the followers of the three basic monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) were living together in peace.

Pope Benedict II planted the seeds of religious conflict then that has been occurring on and off for thousands of years. Furthermore, since 1948, the Israeli government began to assume the role of spying and causing conflict, abiding by the West’s actions in the Middle East of “divide and rule”. Israel is becoming a dominant military power. Fortunately, more and more people in the Arab world have begun to become more aware of the Israeli-American interference in their internal affairs. Israel is nothing but a cancer in the region.

On the brighter side, the latest attack in Alexandria has begun to sober up the Egyptian public to the dangers being created by foreign agents, which has led to Muslims and Copts uniting against religious terrorism in Egypt. This new public trend is reflected in the joint public demonstrations by Muslims and Christians that are taking place in Alexandria as well as other parts of Egypt.
The following call was circulated among Egyptian Muslims

دعو كل المصريين المسلمين و عائلاتهم لحضور صلاة الخميس مع المصريين الأقباط ، هذا هو الرد الصحيح على كل دعاة الفتنة و الأرهاب

أرجو نشر هذة الدعوة

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