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Jan 30, 2011

Egyptian Protesters' Defiance

I am still in Egypt and dictating brief messages through an associate. Please realize that these messages are coming from hastily dictated phone conversations and are highly paraphrased. However I could not miss the opportunity to give my impressions of this historic moment in world history.

The Latest Developments :

Minister of Interior Habib Adly ordered the police away from the protest sites. Not one one Egyptian policeman could be seen on the streets of Cairo on January 29.

Meanwhile the police were given orders to release thousands of prison inmates with orders to prey on the citizenry. These inmates were guilty of looting and violence throughout the country.

The infamy of the government, the criminal act of releasing inmates to attack the citizenry, vindicates this revolution and should encourage these brave people to continue their quest for freedom.

This heinous criminal act was perpetrated to give the world the impression that the protesters were violent. In fact all violence has been perpetrated by instruments of the regime. Most deaths and injuries to this point are caused by police firing live ammunition into crowds.

The Protesters did not back down. They formed neighborhood militias armed with clubs and kitchen knives. In cooperation with the Army, the Protester Militias, the only true Representatives of the Egyptian People, arrested 3113 criminals and delivered them to the Army.

My own nephews participated in these organized militias and arrested 17 criminals in their own neighborhood. This is a sign that these people are capable of driving their own destiny. They are restoring order even as the criminal regime continues to cause anarchy .

One group of inmates broke into the Egyptian museum in search of plunder. After some destruction, they were attacked and captured by a group of young protesters from Tahrir Square. The Army now protects the Egyptian museum. The potential loss of antiquity would have been not just a loss to Egypt, but the world as a whole.

The people sent a very loud message with their courage. The police are essentially defeated, their desperate gambit of releasing prison inmates has failed, and the people still stand united.

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  1. This is an aside by River Whiskey.

    CNN is missing the point completely and leaving out key facts in their coverage. No mention of the cause of the violence, calling them prison breaks.