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Jan 31, 2011

7 Days of Uprising

I am still in Egypt and for now I am able to get my messages out.

The Protesters continue to call for the removal of Mubarak and his regime. Although he formed a new cabinet, the protest movement does not approve of any individuals linked to the Mubarak regime.

As we mentioned yesterday, the regime released more than 30,000 prison inmates. The convicts were briefed by high ranking police officials to commit acts of looting, vandalism, and burning. They were given cash and weapons to perpetrate these acts against the citizenry.

It seems clear that the Ministry of Interior's strategy is to create a negative image of the Protest Movement and to turn the Egyptian public against the demonstrators.

That strategy has failed. The Egyptian people have organized and formed neighborhood militias t0 defend their homes from these ruffians. Over 3000 have been arrested as of Sunday and the militias continue to defend their neighborhoods.

I spoke to a close friend after she returned from one of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square. She said the this was the most friendly, neighborly group of demonstrators that she could imagine. All persons are courteous and helpful to each other. Chairs are brought for elderly protesters and special care is given to anyone less physically able. There are people cleaning the area, washing glasses and plates, and generally making the best of a terrifying situation.

Bread is unavailable in the country and food supplies are quickly dwindling. The regime continues to do all it can to make life unbearable for the citizenry.

Tomorrow there will be a March of Millions to demonstrate solidarity. It reminds me of the Million Man March by Dr. Martin Luther King. Let's hope these people also find freedom.

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  1. I spoke to Dr. Fakhouri today to inform him of the US plan to evacuate US Citizens. Even though he is a US citizen, he declined to leave Egypt.