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Feb 1, 2011

8th Day of Protest : The Million Man March

The Young Egyptian Protester's call for more people to join their movement has been heeded. Nearly 2 million protesters have reached Tahrir (Liberation) Square to join the Million Man March.

This was accomplished in spite of the fact that the government has cut off all land transportation in the country. Transportation has come to a standstill, yet the protesters were undeterred. Many arrived and crossed the barricades in Tahrir Square. It seems that the Human Network cannot be cut off.

Some young demonstrators came in burial shrouds wearing bandannas with the inscription "We will die for the cause".

It is an amazing sight.

Mubarak seems to have lost all touch with reality. The situation has reached a critical point. The infrastructure is collapsing and Mubarak has decided to turn a deaf ear to the developments in his native country.

In a newspaper interview, well know political figure Hasaneen Haikal quoted a statement once made by Mubarak to him:

"In stubbornness, I have a PhD"

This statement would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

In my opinion the only solution lies in the hands of the Egyptian military. They are the only power capable of removing Mubarak from office or forcing him to resign. Also, if they take action soon, the turn over can be accomplished with a minimum of bloodshed.

This is the most amazing demonstration ever seen. Almost 2 million people and no violence anywhere, except where some government thugs attempted to agitate the crowd.

And though it is called The Million Man March, it is the most inclusive agglomeration of Men, Women, Christians, Moslems, seculars, professionals, entertainers, judges and members of organized labor groups.

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