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Feb 11, 2011

The Egyptian People Were Fooled - Again

History repeats itself. The new Nero has emerged in Egypt. He doesn’t care if Cairo is destroyed in a fire. He will then divert blame by accusing the Muslim Brotherhood and the Young Protestors of starting the fire giving him the right to persecute and torture!

Yesterday evening, February 10, nearly 3 million protestors were jubilant in Tahrir Square when they heard that the Supreme Council of the Army Forces had met and will continue to meet until the people’s demands are fulfilled. The TV flashed pictures of their meeting. What a joke! It consists of old men and reminded us of the defunct “Politburo” of the former Soviet Union.

Shortly after the meeting a member of the Council appeared on all TV stations reading an official statement. He began in a somber tone saying: “This is army report number One. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will respond to the demands of the people!!!” What a deceitful and ambiguous statement. The protestors, the whole of Egypt, and the national and international media, were all fooled by it. especially that this was followed by an announcement stating that “Mubarak will address the nation shortly.”

The crowd all over Cairo and other cities was jubilant. Two weeks of demonstrations had finally come to a triumphal end. So we all thought. . Rumors were circulating that Mubarak was on his way to Saudi Arabia, or to Germany, or to Sharm el Sheik. That Omar Suleiman, the Vice President, has assumed the responsibility of a transitional government. Such a statement confused the whole world. Anderson Cooper on CNN from USA had the strongest reaction compared to any other reporter. He had witnessed, while in Egypt, the anger of the protestors and the suppression of the regime. The statement issued by the White House reflected a sense of confusion. One could only imagine and hear President Obama saying, “What the hell is going on!”

What a disappointment! Mubarak came on TV announcing that as a President he delegates some responsibilities to the Vice President and to a council of judicial experts for the revision of some articles in the Constitution. However, he remains the president of the country stressing the fact that he will die in Egypt!!!!!!

After Mubarak’s frustrating statement, the protestors began to gather again at night and march toward the TV station and the presidential palace. They were up all night.

Today, February 11, there will be mass demonstrations all over Egypt.

We all hope that the protest movement continues to be peaceful and that the army will prevent Mubarak from destroying the temples along with the People to end the GREAT EGYPTIAN REVOLT, in order to brutally repress the movement.

More to come!

This post is a collaboration between Hani Fakhouri and Aleya Rouchdy

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  1. Dear Hani

    What a privilege for you and Aleya to have witnesed these historical moments directly. congratulations to all freedom and democracy advocates. Congratulations to our beloved egyptian sisters and brothers.