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Feb 5, 2011

Commotions on the 12th day of protest

Tension in Egypt is still very high. Demonstrators are still in Tahrir Square defying the curfew. This is the “Day of Solidarity.”
It has been reported that a committee consisting of prominent Egyptian figures and headed by Ahmad Kamal Abu el Magd, Vice President of the National Human Right Council met with new Prime Minister Ahmad Shafiq and presented him with a plan to bring the conflict to a peaceful finale.

The proposal submitted by the committee calls for the followings:
  • - The Vice President to assume the duties of the President as head of the transitional government until September 2011.
  • - The dissolution of the Parliament and the Advisory Council, maglis al shoura, and end the Emergency Law.
  • - The appointment of a Judicial Affairs Committee to re-write the Constitution.
  • - The appointment of a committee of experts on government affairs to advise the government until the election of the parliament and the new president.
  • - The investigation of government officials responsible for crimes committed during the uprising.
  • - The investigation of government officials who have abused the public trust and contributed to corruption.
The proposal, however, does not call for President Mubarak to step down but rather to transfer presidential authority to Vice President Omar Suleiman.

It was announced on Al Jazeera International that President Mubarak has resigned as the head of the Hisb al Watani, the ruling party. However, minutes later it was denied. His son, however, Gamal Mubarak has definitely resigned his position as Secretary General. The new Secretary General is Dr. Husam el Badrawi who is a liberal and a respected member of the Party.

There is no end in sight to the changes that might follow. Actually, there is a rumor circulating in Egypt, also heard on German television, that President Mubarak will leave soon to Germany for health treatment. This would be a good  face saving move for Mubarak, and to resign as the next step.

Mubarak's departure from Egypt will bring some stability to a torn country, save further bloodshed; prevent further deterioration of the economy. More than 100,000 tourists have left Egypt during the past six days. But, regardless of the cost, this is a big and unprecedented victory for the young, secular generation who opened a new horizon for Egyptian society.

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  1. They keep saying "Mubarak can not step down now because they want time to make reforms, other wise there will be chaos "...so if suddenly tomorrow we wakeup and find that Mubarak DIED in his sleep......what will happen then?????? Or as usual they don't plan until disaster happens or on the other hand........as usual they don't consider "God" in there plans??

    In 1952 they kicked King Farouk out of Egypt in 3 days..............that was honorable then ??