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Feb 3, 2011

The Day After The Night of Tahrir Square

Tahrir square in central Cairo turned into a battleground on Wednesday evening, February 2. The pro-regime demonstrators used against the protesters guns, Molotov cocktails, water cannons, and rocks. According to a government report 13 people were killed and 1200 injured.

Dr. Mohamed el Baradei, previous director of the International Nuclear Energy Agency, said, “there are strong evidence that government forces were used to attack the protesters.” It is also reported that some members of the ruling political party are paying money to organized gangs so that they attack the protesters in Tahrir Square.

Today in a televised appearance, the new Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, promised to investigate the violence, which took place in the square last night, and punish those responsible.

The newly appointed Vice President, Omar Suleiman, stated publicly on TV that there was a conspiracy by an outside element which was responsible for the clashes between the pro- and anti regime demonstrators. He promised an investigation in order to find out those behind the horrendous acts of violence.

Tonight both the anti and pro regime protesters are gathering in Tahrir square and the army is there to create a buffer zone between them.

Tomorrow, Friday, is called the “day of departure.” The anti regime protesters are planning to walk toward the headquarters of President Mubarak to call for his resignation. Whether they succeed or fail they have already achieved a great deal. They forced the government to cave to their demands. This is an achievement no one has ever been able to accomplish in the past 30 years of Mubarak’s regime.

We will all be thinking of them tomorrow February 4, 2011.

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