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Feb 3, 2011

You Have to love their Ingenuity

Last night, the paid pro-Mubarak demonstrators received a delivery of 2 truckloads of stones, all perfect size for throwing. These rocks and other weapons were hurled at the anti-Mubarak demonstrators.

In typical Egyptian ingenuity and adaptability, the demonstrators brought their household implements to bear. Kitchen pots and buckets doubled as helmets.

These Images are from Al-Jazeera video coverage in El-Tahrir Square.

In all seriousness I was listening to Al-Jazeera last night and hearing telephone interviews with people in the square. Gunfire was aimed at the legs of anti-Mubarak demonstrators, even in areas that contain women and children. They said they were exhausted from fighting all night. Hearing the voices was heart rending for me, the terror they must have felt.

Many eyewitnesses at the scene told Al-Jazeera that they knew many of the pro-Mubarak were police officers or members of security forces. There were several captured pro-Mubaraks and their ID cards were shown on the video to show that they were actually members of the police.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with the courage of those people who weathered the night. I felt last night that the battle for Egypt's future was being waged. The protesters showed that they were not to be cowed by thuggery and bush league tactics (pun intended).

Thanks to Al-Jazzera for these images as well as balanced journalism throughout the crisis.

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  1. Thanks for this report. How we wish we could see Al-Jazeera on Comcast. We're following it on line til that good day comes.