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Dec 19, 2010

The Stockholm Terrorist Act

The terrorist activities that have been taking place in many parts of the world under the fake rationale of Islam are nothing but acts of crime that should be condemned by those who believe in Islam. Islam condemns the killing of innocent people. A recent terrorist act in Sweden was committed by Said Taimour Abdulwahab, who died in the Stockholm explosion according to the Swedish government. Sweden was never a Middle Eastern Colonial power and opened its doors to political refugees, especially from Iraq and other Arab countries. Their humanitarian policy toward foreign refugees is the best in Europe. Those who are not satisfied with that treatment should leave Sweden. Furthermore, young Muslim men in Europe who are true believers should not listen to the imams whose knowledge of the Quran is poor. If these religious leaders are honest and devoted to Islam, then their jihad should be directed against the corrupt political leadership of the Arab world. This is the real threat not only to Islam but to the people living there. The Western colonialist powers' plans and strategy of aggression against Arab and Muslim populations is in cooperation with the political Arab Muslim leadership. Since World War II, the American political leadership has been the protector of the corrupt Arab political leadership. They do their best to remove those who oppose them from power. Those who operate under the pretext of Islam should devote their struggle toward that corrupt leadership.

Nevertheless, religious discrimination, which is directed against Muslims in Europe, is a fact that should not be overlooked. Some people in many European countries discriminate openly against Muslim immigrants. One of the major factors among others that feeds the discrimination is the Christian religious ethnocentricity. Even the current pope stated openly that Europe is a Christian continent and should stay that way. Despite the fact that the majority of Europeans are less religious than Americans, they still view Muslims in Europe as intruders. Such feelings express themselves in various public forums. It has been reported that a Swedish newspaper depicted the head of the prophet Muhammad on the body of a dog. Such an ugly act caused some young Muslims to lose their rationality and become active terrorists. Depicting the symbol of any religion in such an insulting manner should be condemned worldwide. This is not an act that should be permitted under the freedom of the press. It should not be permitted at all. Religious beliefs should be free and people should not be a target of humiliation because they believe differently than others. This fact unfortunately has been ignored by Europeans in particular and the West in general.

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