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Sep 5, 2009

Effect of Depleted Uranium

Since the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the dropping of American bombs is having a drastic impact on the Iraqi population.

Recently, it has been reported ( al jazeera 9/1/09) that the number of children born with physical defects in Iraq (Faluja) has been increasing. This is the beginning of a tragedy for future Iraqi generations due to the biological effect of depleted Uranium(DU).

I would also like to stress here that the (DU) from the American 'dirty bomb' is also causing irreparable damages to many American soldiers.

For mor information on (DU) read my article "The Iraqi War Conspiracy and Its Tragic Aftermath" cited on the blog.


  1. I am trying to research the estimated tons of depleted uranium dropped in middle east wars. Any one know and can show where info came from?

  2. I would like to suggest to Anonymous the article "The Iraqi War Conspiracy and its Tragic Aftermath," specially the section on the 'consequences of the depleted uranium.'