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Sep 10, 2009

Garbage Dilemma in Egypt

The collection of garbage has been recently a problem for the Egyptian peope, especially in the greater Cairo Metro area.

The government has contracted foreign companies, after the failure of national companies, to assume the responsibility of garbage collection. However, the problem has not yet been resolved and the people are suffering from such incompetence.

What does it take for those responsible to establish an efficient system of garbage collection and street cleaning in a city such as Cairo that attracts millions of tourists????

Egyptian's bureaucratic apathy has to be shaken and the public has to demand efficient services from their officials.


  1. There is a great documentary about this called "Garbage Dreams." It is about the Zabbaleen and how they are the leaders in recycling and how foreign waste companies that Egypt hired has affected the Zabbaleen.

    When I saw "Garbage Dreams", I feel in love with this kids and the whole community.

  2. I totally agree with the above comment from Anonymous.

    As a matter of fact the UN recognized the Egyptian traditional system of garbage collection as the most efficient system in the world.

    The Egyptian government committed a blunder by dismantling that system, by hiring foreign waste companies , and by slaughtering the pigs. The animals should have been removed from populated areas, kept in barns and used, as they were traditionally used, to help the attenuation of garbage.