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Sep 2, 2009

United Nations Report

The UN continues to issue warning of widespread water shortage. Such shortage will raise risks of political upheaval and economic stagnation over the next 20 years.

According to the UN Report, 19 Arab countries out of the 22 are classified below the poverty water level.

The UN reports that individuals share of fresh water in the world has been estimated at 7,000 cu.met/year/person by comparison to less than 1,000cu.met/year/person in the Arab World.

With the continous increase of population and urbaniztion fresh water supply will continue to be depleted.


  1. We are fortunate that research and understanding predicts serious water shortage is imminent in the Middle East and that there will be major, major problems if water flow is impeded to countries dependent down the line.

    I agree that this will lead to war before oil as water is a matter of "life and Death" versus wealth with oil.

    Therefore, it does make sense for International Laws govern international water rights.

    No doubt there must be some international think tanks investigating and researchin this area already based on what I've read and the dire predictions already forecasted.

    I believe there should be far more scientific international think tank research that goes beyond understanding current situation, different scenarios and predictions to also include brainstorming new innovative solutions to ensure constant waterflow to the middle east.

    First fundamental question is whether there is sufficent water right now that if allowed to flow to all middle east is sufficient to meet their needs? If so, then it's a question of working towards Internal Laws to ensure fair international water flow and distribution to all Middle East countries.

    If not, then the scientific brainstorming think tanks come into play where it is known that with global warming the water levels are rising. The scientific think tank need to investigate methods to take advantage of rising water levels and redirecting this to the middle east as well as large holding areas to ensure all year round water supply to the desert that will transform the middle east desert areas.

    Global warming maybe impacting the water supply as well so innovative thinking is required beyond emmision levels solution so that maybe a totally new ideas is required to reverse Global Warming or to change or improve climatic conditions in the middle east.

    Middle East has billions in revenue from oil and would be great for a billion dollars research to investigate all the above and prototype solutions in the next three years short term, 3-5 years medium term and 5-10 years long term so that all now innovative ideas have been brainstormed, modelled, prototyped way ahead of the projected water shortage doomsday!

    Maybe an incentive is required with the best proven solution provided receives 100 million and Nobel Peace Prize?

  2. As you have weather forecasting carried out and being monitored and reported on a daily basis. I believe a smilar setup is required for monitoring and reporting the status on water flow and shortage for middle east as well as major water holding reserves in each country so that for whatever reason if water flow stops for whatever reason there is sufficent to tide the country over in the interim.

    This would raise public awareness of water and also reporting on any new water initiatives that will help improve the situation.

    I personally believe that after all the middle east wars and obvious historical mistrust, that if all middle eastern nations can come together to work jointtly in a positive understanding and resolution of the major water shortage issues that has the potential for devastating results if left unanswered. It will be obvious from a combined middle eastern initiative that all middle-eastern nations will be able to see if facts and understanding on current situation is acknowledged and agreed upon by all middle eastern nations affecting each affected country is accurate. That will be the starting point getting agreement that the facts are accurate on what is impacting each middle eastern country regarding water shortage issue.

    Then agree on what are the objectives to solve the water issue and what the ideal outcome for each respective middle eastern country. Once that is agreed, then work can continue on developing solutions.

    I feel, if middle eastern countries can get together to work on the most critical crisis confronting all of middle east then common trust and respect may arise because the alternative of not working together to solve this potential major, major water shortfall crisis will mean all will lose as a war over water will occur if a middle east country cannot get adequate water supplies and feels another is impeding the flow!

    If this combined middle eastern task force or think tank addressing water shortfall is successful, then that will no doubt lead to future positive collaborative middle eastern initiatives!