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Sep 2, 2009

World Water Development Report

The depletion of fresh water resources is attributed to several factors:

1. climate change

2. population growth

3. expansion of industrilization and urbanization

4. expansion of agriculture to meet demands for food production

The World Water Development Report stated that within the next 30 to 50 years there will be "substantial population displacements" due to the shortage of water especially in the Middle East, such as in Israel, the West Bank and Jordan.


  1. I was born in New Zealand and am of Chinese extraction and have lived and worked in United States since December 31, 1989 and care about world affairs.

    My thoughts are Water crossing international boundaries should be governed by international law in that any country either small or large should not have the ability to stifle or limit the flow of water to other countries depending on this water whether small or large.

  2. I would like to amend my thoughts above and also add the following.

    "My thoughts are water crossing International boundaries should be governed by International Law in that any country should not have the ability to stifle or limit the flow of quality water to any other country without the other country's agreement or International Law governing this area and agreed upon by all Middle East countries."

    It is unacceptable to pass on water just to fulfill the International agreed upon water quotas to another country that your own people would not use. Therefore, a water quality level minimum is required as part of the future Middle-East International water agreement.

    I believe a Middle East International Water Body would need to determine the needs of each country based on population and requirements e.g. agricultural, farming, manufacturing, factories, business, general populating drinking water requirements. Based on this internationally agreed upon formula, each country can be evaluated to what their water needs really are and obviously if there is disagreement, then the formula needs to be calibrated and adjusted so that it can be applied to all countries in the Middle East.

    Once all Middle-East nations have received the calculation on their water needs, this needs to be reviewed and agreed by each individual country and then agreed upon by all Middle East countries.

    Then once agreed upon, the next question is whether there is sufficient water supply in Middle East to satisfy all the countries requirements now and in the future.

    Regardless, if the answer is if not, Middle East needs to carry out extensive research, think tank brain storming of innovative solutions to improve the Middle East current and future water supply for all nations within Middle East. Innovative thinking can range from brand new scientific solutions, global warming solutions, redirection of sea water and conversion to drinking water.

    I believe International Law will need to be introduced regarding allowing the Middle East nations to drill for water on their own territory with quotas and monitoring tools in pace to ensure they only draw on agreed upon water supply limits. As obviously, it would not be fair if one country drills and takes away much more than they need to the detriment of other countries.

    I also believe the water shortage unresolved issues is the #1 issue confronting the Middle East survival for many countries and unless Middle East works together in a cooperative and fair manner, this will inevitably lead to war and terrorism if it has not already. I personally believe the Middle East working together can solve this problem and lead the world on innovative thinking with new solutions to reversing global warming, innovative methods of converting to fresh water, redirecting water effectively throughout the Middle East and leading the way with a very strong and extremely intelligent leading thinkers of the best in a Middle East Water Solutions International Body that should be working on this full time if this is the #1 crisis confronting the Middle East.

    I believe this topic needs to be elevated to United Nations as the #1 issue for Middle East, if it has not already. Finally, the possibilities are endless!